Offer from Boydell and Brewer

The following books that may be of interest to members of the Canadian Association of African Studies:

Boydell and Brewer are offering the following hardcover books at 40% off, with the more affordable titles being 25% off.

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The Road to Soweto: Resistance and the Uprising of 16 June 1976
The Rise and Demise of Slavery and the Slave Trade in the Atlantic World
Volunteer Economies: The Politics and Ethics of Voluntary Labour in Africa
A Companion to Mia Couto
Humor, Silence, and Civil Society in Nigeria
Nation as Grand Narrative: The Nigerian Press and the Politics of Meaning
Children on the Move in Africa: Past and Present Experiences of Migration
The New Black Middle Class in South Africa
The Power of the Oath: Mau Mau Nationalism in Kenya, 1952-1960
Writing the Nigeria-Biafra War
Violent Conversion: Brazilian Pentecostalism and Urban Women in Mozambique
Cotton and Race across the Atlantic: Britain, Africa, and America, 1900-1920
African Theatre 15: China, India & the Eastern World
ALT 34 Diaspora & Returns in Fiction: African Literature Today
Islam, Power, and Dependency in the Gambia River Basin: The Politics of Land Control, 1790-1940
Beyond Religious Tolerance: Muslim, Christian & Traditionalist Encounters in an African Town
A Companion to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
The Blue Stain: A Novel of a Racial Outcast
The Eritrean National Service: Servitude for "the common good" & the Youth Exodus
Scoring Race: Jazz, Fiction and Francophone Africa

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Slavery Hinterland: Transatlantic Slavery and Continental Europe, 1680-1850
The Root Causes of Sudan's Civil Wars: Old Wars and New Wars [Expanded 3rd Edition]
Globalization and Sustainable Development in Africa
Commercial Agriculture, the Slave Trade and Slavery in Atlantic Africa
Liberation Movements in Power: Party and State in Southern Africa
South Africa – The Present as History: From Mrs Ples to Mandela and Marikana
Volunteer Economies: The Politics and Ethics of Voluntary Labour in Africa
Nyerere: The Early Years
Mandela's Kinsmen: Nationalist Elites and Apartheid's First Bantustan
Sects & Social Disorder: Muslim Identities & Conflict in Northern Nigeria
The Oromo and the Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia: 1300-1700
The African Garrison State: Human Rights & Political Development in Eritrea
The Quest for Socialist Utopia: The Ethiopian Student Movement, c. 1960-1974