2018 — Transformations in African Environments


Conference Theme 2018

Transformations in African EnvironmentsD

Greetings Fellow African Studies Scholars

From 4-6 May 2018 CAAS is convening in Kingston at Queen’s University under the banner “Transformations in African Environments”. We have received proposals for numerous panels and roundtables on diverse topics, which can be viewed, attached. We would now like to invite individual paper proposals. You may select a panel to which you would like to contribute or you may propose an individual paper and allow us to determine where it best fits in relation all the other submissions. If the former, we recommend you first contact the panel convenor as a courtesy. Please note that there is no guarantee of acceptance to any given panel.

Transformations in African Environments

Environments in Africa are changing, sometimes with dizzying speed. In biophysical terms, global climate change is expected to disproportionately affect the continent with higher average temperatures, coastal erosion, and weather extremes such as flooding and drought. Knock-on deleterious impacts will be felt upon food security, habitat/biodiversity loss, and human health. The built environment is changing as well, as the number of Africans living in urban areas is expected to triple in the next three decades, often concentrated in informal and unserviced settlements surrounding the continent’s megacities. The information and communication technology revolution is meanwhile connecting Africans in even the smallest villages to online global networks with unpredictable implications for the social, cultural, economic and political environments within Africa. As elsewhere in the world where technology is now transforming the most intimate environment of all – our bodies, our sexuality – Africans will need to adapt to cultural, political and ethical challenges. The conference this year will examine ways that these changing environments have historically, are currently, or may in future be impacting lived experience in Africa, and vice versa.

Information on Accommodation

Student residence rooms at Queen’s are NOT available to us as it is too early after term ends.
We have created a Facebook Page for people seeking billeting (to be put up/housed by someone).

  1. Holiday Inn
    The Holiday Inn on the waterfront in downtown Kingston has a temporary block on 50 rooms for us, held until April 6, 2018.
    Rates are between $149.99-159.99/night
    Delegates are directed to do their own booking and mention the conference for the discount.

Historic Inns near Queen’s University and downtown Kingston:

  1. Hotel Belvedere
    The Hotel Belvedere offers the best deal. It has a hold on 10 rooms but may accommodate more if you call early.
    Rates, including breakfast and parking, range from $99 for a single to $119 for a couple (queen size) per night plus taxes and fees.
    To get these rates, please call 613-548-1565 and specify that you are with the CAAS conference.
  2. Frontenac Club Inn
    The Frontenac Club Inn has a hold on 10 rooms, until April 15, 2018
    The per night rates for these rooms and suites ranges from $182 – $243 per night plus taxes and fees. All of the rates quoted include the Queen’s discount, and include breakfast for two and parking.
    To book, delegates call 613-547-6167, and refer to customer #13306456
  3. Secret Garden Inn
    The Secret Garden has put three of seven rooms on hold for delegates at a conference rate of $159 plus tax, inclusive of breakfast and $149 plus tax if breakfast is not required.
    Delegates should call the Inn directly when ready to book and ask for the conference rate.

Other Inns close to Queen’s:

  1. Hochelaga Inn
  2. Marriot Residence Inn
    If you are looking for a suite hotel, The Marriot Residence Inn is downtown and close to Queen’s, and will offer Queen’s discount rates to delegates.
  3. The Queen’s Inn
    A more affordable downtown option is The Queen’s Inn. There are cheaper motels and hotels but most are far from downtown and Queen’s campus.
  4. Airbnb is active in Kingston, but you are on your own with that!

Delegates who have not paid their fees by March 31 will be removed from the program.