2023 CAAS Conference

The Canadian Association of African Studies (CAAS) will hold its 2023 conference as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences from May 29-June 1, 2023 at York University in Toronto, Canada. Conference registration must be completed through the Congress 2023 portal. For more information on how to register, Congress registration fees and more, please visit the Congress 2023 website.

Instructions for session Chairs

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As a participant in 2023 CAAS Conference, you may be required to pay the following fees:
  • CAAS Conference registration fees
  • Congress Registration fees
  • CAAS Annual membership fees

CAAS Conference fees

Early-bird registration rate (prior to March 31):
  • Member - Reguar: $80
  • Member - Retired, Black & Indigenous Student, Africa-based Scholars: $40 
Regular registration rate (as of April 1)
  • Member - online payment: $100 
  • Member - onsite* payment: $125 (as of May 26)
  • Member - Retired, Black & Indigenous Student, Africa-based Scholars online payment: $60
  • Member - Retired, Black & Indigenous Student, Africa-based Scholars onsite* payment: $80 (as of May 26)

*Onsite payment means a payment made at the conference venue as of May 26, 2023 or when the conference has already started for online participants . 

Congress fees

  • For Congress fees, please visit the registration page here

Black and Indigenous Student and Scholar based in Africa*

The federation offers free access to the conference for Black and Indigenous students and scholars based in Africa. If you are attending the CAAS Conference at Congress and are a student who self-identifies as Black or Indigenous, or are a scholar based in Africa,  your Congress fee will be waived. Click on the link below to request the unique registration link. This link cannot be shared.

* The Africa-based scholar waiver is available to the first 25 people who register for the Congress using the link provided.

Please note that CAAS Conference fees and Congress fees are paid at the same time on the Congress registration page here.  

CAAS Annual membership fees

 Note that you need to be a member of CAAS and in good standing to participate in the 2023 CAAS Conference. “Good standing” means a participant’s CAAS annual membership fees is up to date.
 Contact us on conf@caas-acea.org if you have any question