Canadian Journal of African Studies (CJAS)


About the Journal

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The Canadian Journal of African Studies (CJAS) is published three times a year by the Canadian Association of African Studies (CAAS). Launched in 1967, CJAS represents a key vehicle by which CAAS promotes the study of Africa in Canada and provides the necessary scholarly infrastructure to support Canadian Africanist scholars working in and across all disciplines. Through CJAS and its annual conference, CAAS is also committed to facilitating the dissemination of research by African scholars working in Canada, Africa, and elsewhere. As the official publication of CAAS, CJAS advances the organizational goals to improve knowledge and awareness of Africa as well as the problems and aspirations of its people, to inform Canadian policy on and in Africa, and to generate public interest in the study and understanding of Africa in Canada.

In addition to being Canada’s only scholarly periodical devoted exclusively to African Studies, CJAS is unique because of its status as the only international journal in its field which has consistently published in both English and French. This bilingual character not only reflects Canada’s linguistic realities but also affords the publication a comparative advantage in the study of a continent whose two most prominent official languages are English and French. A rigorous and systematic peer review process led by a team of Anglophone and Francophone Editors, who reinforce the multi-disciplinary and bilingual nature of the publication, has enabled CJAS to be widely regarded as one of the leading international scholarly periodicals on Africa.