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McLeod Group

Globe and Mail

African invitees to women's rights conference denied visas by Ottawa without explanation

The Canadian visa process is broken. And it must be fixed

Access denied: Canada’s refusal rate for visitor visas soars

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

South African man can't visit long-lost brother in Canada due to 'mean-spirited' visa denial

Inside Higher Ed

Conference Visa Woes… in Canada

Toronto Star

Visa rejections frustrate efforts to bring in more international students

Visa issues cast shadow on Canada’s moment in artificial intelligence spotlight


Canada Welcomes AI, But Not All AI Researchers

NOW Magazine (Toronto)

The struggle of getting a Canadian Study Permit: Reasonable Doubt

A guide to visitor visas in Canada: Reasonable Doubt

Gerami Law Blog

Canada’s Visa Refusal Rate Soars

Polestar Student Immigration News

Who gets in to Canada?

A third of international students turned away from Canada



« Je suis effondré » : le cri du cœur d’un étudiant africain refusé par Ottawa

Visas de visiteurs : des motifs de refus décriés

« Citoyens canadiens de troisième zone » : l’impact caché des refus de visa de visiteur

Ottawa lui refuse un visa malgré une invitation à une visite exploratoire par le Manitoba

Courrier International

Canada. Attention, les refus de visas grimpent en flèche  !

Le Devoir

Visa de touriste: une loterie

Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN)

Plus de 200 demandes de visa pour participer au FSM refusées ou bloquées

The United Kingdom (UK)

The Guardian/The Observer

Africans arriving here are all assumed to be fleeing – but it's the UK that risks losing out

MPs say 'embarrassing and insulting' UK visa system damages Africa relations

Unesco chair blasts 'discriminatory' UK visitor visa system

Unfair visa system is wrong (open letter) [scroll down]

‘Prejudiced’ Home Office refusing visas to African researchers

UK’s science reputation 'at risk if academic visa issues not resolved'

WHO voices alarm as academics denied visas to visit UK conference

Visa refusals starve UK’s arts festivals of world talent

Home Office refuses visas for authors invited to Edinburgh book festival

‘A Brexited flatland’: Peter Gabriel hits out after Womad stars refused entry to UK

Britain is open for business? Not for African artists coming to Womad

Lawyer blames visitor visa refusals on ‘deep underlying racism’

FE News

African Academics Routinely Denied UK Visit Visas: Home Office Accused of Institutional Racism


South African urbanist cancels UK lecture as visa process makes visitors "feel like criminals"

African Arguments

The UK’s unfair visa system for African applicants isn’t fit for purpose

Business Insider (Kenya)

UK MPs come to the rescue of Africans and lament the ‘arduous, time-consuming and expensive’ process they are subjected to when applying for a Visa

Independent (UK)

African people twice as likely to be refused UK visas than applicants from elsewhere, finds report

University World News

Mobility restrictions set to damage British universities

Financial Times

Africans twice as likely to be refused UK visa, say MPs

Hardline visa decisions are damaging Britain's reputation

Mail & Guardian (South Africa)

Systemic prejudice in the UK, and visa refusals for African academics


UK visa system must act with decency and self-interest


Feted Zimbabwe female rangers denied visas

The National (Scotland)

Call for Javid to overturn decision to refuse musicians Scottish entry

Academics hit out at damaging visa restrictions threatening education

Fiona Hyslop calls for an end to Edinburgh Festivals visa ‘embarrassment’

Hostile Tory visa controls ‘devastating’ Edinburgh festivals

Edinburgh News (Scotland)

Former shoe-shine boy refused visa to visit Edinburgh

UK minister pledges to look for solution on Edinburgh festival visas

CommonSpace (Scotland)

‘Scotland remains open’: Culture secretary sends message to international artists as concern over visas for festival performers grows

Edinburgh Live (Scotland)

MSP warns 'hostile' immigration policy could have 'devastating' impact on Edinburgh's festivals

Africa at LSE blog

The UK’s self-harming scandal of visa rejections for visiting academics

LSE blog

Visa applications: emotional tax and privileged passports

The visa centre: immigrants, white saviours and uneven rejection


Outrage after visas denied for UK global health conference

The Times

Refusing academic visas is threat to Britain’s reputation, say scientists


Pambazuka News

How Germany externalises its border to South Africa

The United States

Sahara Reporters

US Data Reveal Visa Denials For Nigerians Increased In 2018

TRT World

New US visa requirements showcase a political weapon

Nigeria: Visa Horrors - U.S. Embassy Tries to Give Tips

Vanguard (Nigeria)

Nigerians react to US Embassy post on visa denial

More than 37,000 US visa rejections due to Trump travel ban

The European Union

Deutsche Welle

EU restricts visas for non-cooperation on migration

African Viewpoints

New Vision

UK visa refusal decisions should be challenged

The Citizen

Ugandans share bitter experiences at UK, Canada Visa offices


Why is it so hard for Africans to visit other African countries?

Africa is a Country

The most powerful currency today

Face2face Africa

It is a shame Africans are still being insulted with visa denials yet welcome the West with open arms